Biometrics Shared Resource

  • Weichung Shih (Director)

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    Rutgers Cancer Institute 195 Little Albany Street New Brunswick, NJ 08903

    United States

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The Biometrics shared resource of the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey is a Cancer Center managed shared resource whose purpose is to provide statistical support for CINJ members in the areas of basic, clinical, and population research.

Most Rutgers Cancer Institute members in the basic, clinical and population sciences require biostatistical expertise beyond that acquired within their field of scientific training. Biometrics ensures that the scientific rigor of cancer center studies is supported by outstanding, centralized and cost-effective biostatistical support.

The specific objectives of the Biometrics shared resource are to:
- Collaborate with investigators on grant proposals and the design and development of cancer studies to ensure statistical and methodological integrity;
- Develop new, cancer-specific statistical methodologies, when necessary, to support the research needs of Rutgers Cancer Institute investigators;
- Provide statistical review and consultation regarding grant writing for basic-, clinical-, and population-based studies;
- Support statistical monitoring and interim analysis of ongoing clinical trials;
- Provide computational and statistical analyses of data;
- Collaborate in the publication and/or presentation of research results; and
- Provide education, consultation and training activities in statistics for research staff.


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