Catalysis and Photoelectrochemistry Laboratory

    Yong Yan (Director)

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    The Catalysis and Photoelectrochemistry Laboratory investigates catalytic materials and methods to convert water, air, solar energy and small organic molecules into fuels and value-added chemical feedstocks. The future of clean energy and green products depends heavily on innovative breakthroughs in the design of efficient systems for the conversion and storage of solar energy. Photoelectrocatalytic water splitting, CO2 conversion and N2 reductions are promising solutions in which solar energy storage and useful products such as hydrogen fuels, ethanol and ammonia-based fertilizer, among others, are combined into a single green energy system. The lab focuses on designing and developing catalytic and photocatalytic materials and systems to facilitate energy storage and chemical conversion. Additionally, we develop renewable and sustainable methodologies and approaches to activate small organic molecules for the photocatalytic synthesis of valuable organic molecules. This economical solar-induced synthesis project is proposed to benefit the drug development and pesticide industries for large-scale and cost- effective manufacture.

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