Controls, Automation, and Robotics Laboratory

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    The Controls, Automation, and Robotics (CAR) Laboratory focuses on the development of control theories and their applications to automation and robotics. With a strong tie to the community of dynamic systems and controls, we continue to push frontiers in the field, especially in the direction of machine learning-based methods and data-oriented and statistical methods. We emphasize the use of computational intelligence and data science. Our work enables us to develop advanced automation and robotics technologies. In particular, we are challenging the limits of high-performance control for advanced manufacturing and automation, as well as developing intelligent and ultra-high-maneuverability motion systems for human-robot interactive and collaborative operations and extreme robotic manipulations. This technology is targeted at sectors ranging from advanced manufacturing, to household automation, to health care.


    Control theory
    Health care
    Artificial intelligence
    Learning systems
    Statistical methods
    Dynamical systems