Coppélia Research Laboratory

  • Carlotta Mummolo (Director)

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    In the Coppélia Research Laboratory, a diverse team of students and researchers studies the behavior and performance of
    motor skills in biological and robotic systems. Our research is at the intersection of biomechanics, robotics and dynamical
    systems, leading to translational projects in the field of human motor rehabilitation. We focus on the development
    of theories, algorithms and robotic prototypes to understand fundamental principles of motor skills such as balance,
    locomotion and manipulation. This will provide novel models of motor behavior, as well as means for evaluating motor
    performance, in populations affected by conditions that impair mobility, such as aging, Parkinson’s disease and spinal cord
    injury, among others. Ultimately, the mission of the Coppélia Research Laboratory is to translate our multidisciplinary
    research effort into improved bio-engineering solutions to human motor assistance and rehabilitation.


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