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    The Analytical Chemistry and Nanotechnology Laboratory is located in the Department of Chemistry and Environmental Science. Our research focuses on the fields of analytical chemistry, nanotechnology and water treatment. In analytical chemistry, we develop instrumentation for online and real-time monitoring analysis, environmental monitoring, field-portable instruments and microfluidic devices. In nanotechnology, we work on nanoparticles, particularly nanocarbons such as carbon nanotubes and graphene, with applications in the energy and environmental technologies sectors. In the area of energy, we focus mainly on batteries and supercapacitors, with prior work on solar cells. To improve water quality, we develop novel sorbents and membranes, for which our main thrust is desalination and water treatment. Our work on nanocarbon-based membranes focuses on various associated applications, such as membrane distillation. And lastly, to improve drug-delivery systems, we use nanotechnology to make hydrophobic drugs dissolve more effectively.


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