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    The Genome Editing Shared Resource at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey was established in 2016. GESR is now a University core facility led by the Office of Research Advancement (ORAd) under Rutgers' Office of Research and Economic Development. It also functions as an NCI-designated cancer center resource with joint scientific and administrative/fiscal oversight with Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey.

    The GESR serves as one of America’s largest, most comprehensive university-based research centers. The GESR's main facility is located in New Brunswick with a satellite site in Newark. Its main focus is to provide expertise and technical services required to manipulate the genomes of animals utilizing CRISPR/Cas9-mediated gene editing and, eventually, genome editing of various cell lines including human cells. Standard services such as mouse embryonic stem cell manipulation, in vitro fertilization, embryo or sperm cryopreservation, mouse rederivation, genotyping and breeding services are also available.

    The GESR offers the following services :

    CRISPR/CAS9 -Mediated Gene Editing in Mouse
    - gene knock-out
    - gene replacement (amino acid changes)
    - epitope tagging, including fluorescent protein tagging
    conditional models
    DNA Microinjection for transgenic generation
    -Transgene DNA Purification available as an additional service
    BAC DNA Microinjection for BAC transgenesis

    ES Cell Line Injection
    - ES Cell preparation and Karyotyping available as additional services

    CRISPR Target Validation (for Gene Editing in Mouse)

    Mouse Cryopreservation:
    - Sperm Cryopreservation
    - Embryo Cryopreservation

    In Vitro Fertilization
    - Frozen/Fresh sperm for line import, recovery or rapid expansion

    Mouse Line Rederivation
    - Live Mice as Source
    - Frozen Embryos as Source

    - The GESR offers genotyping of lines generated as an additional service
    - The GESR will design and validate genotyping assays as needed

    Fees for GESR services are available upon request, please email [email protected]