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    The Genomics Center provides high quality genomics resources, including next-generation sequencing, microarrays, bioinformatics and molecular diagnostics services for research and clinical applications. The Center is comprised of three research and clinical diagnostics laboratories; the Research Genomics Lab, the Clinical Genomics Lab and the Molecular Resource Facility. In addition, Center staff work in close collaboration with the Rutgers Office of Advanced Research Computing, faculty consultants and collaborators to provide full service support for any genomics-based application. The Genomics Center staff has extensive experience in genomics-based research including experimental design, large-scale data analysis, the introduction of new technology platforms, and the development of novel assays and technologies. The team has worked in a broad range of biological disciplines including basic biology, infectious diseases, cancer, neurobiology and biomedical engineering. The team consists of researchers with expertise in basic and applied biological research, bioinformatics, translational research and clinical diagnostics. The research staff works closely with both basic and clinical researchers to provide full support from experimental design through data analysis. This includes making recommendations on technology platforms and workflows, performing sample processing and providing support for data analysis, data interpretation, grant writing and manuscript preparation. The staff of the CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited Clinical Genomics lab has extensive experience in molecular diagnostics and clinical research, and specializes clinical biomarker discovery, validation and diagnostic test development.


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