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    The Intelligent Transportation Systems Laboratory (ITSL) is a multidisciplinary research hub for the development and deployment of cutting-edge ITS and connected and automated vehicles (CAV) technologies to improve the mobility, safety and environmental performance of the transportation system. Among other devices, the Lab houses traffic signal
    controllers, traffic sensors that employ radar, Bluetooth/WiFi and lidar, dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) devices, microscopic traffic simulation tools and a high-fidelity driving simulator. The Lab also operates two connected and automated transport (CAT) vehicles. Equipped with a DSRC on-board unit (OBU), a real-time kinematic global
    positioning system, an on-board diagnostics-II (OBD-II) platform, an infrared pavement temperature sensor, and an automated pothole detector, the CAT test vehicles are used for field pilot tests of ITS and CAV technologies developed in the lab. ITSL is also utilized as a testbed for local communities. The sensor fabrication room, for example, develops, tests and deploys cost-effective traffic sensors for low-income communities.


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