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    The Finnigan LCQTMDUO is a powerful and compact benchtop mass spectrometer for LC/MS/MS. The Finnigan LCQ-DUO equipped with Xcalibur software permits in-line acquisition and integration of HPLC dual-wavelength absorbance data along with mass spectral data. WideBand ActivationTM a standard feature on the Finnigan LCQ-DUO applies resonance excitation energy that fragments the molecular ion and any product ion up to 20 amu less than the precursor ion. This is important because hydroxylated compounds frequently only show the loss of a water molecule in an MS/MS spectrum giving little structural information. Wideband Activation provides spectra with greater structural information and is invaluable for MS/MS library building, high-throughput screening and quantization experiments.

    LCQ-DUO mass spectrometer
    Adjustable API-ESI (Electrospray) Ion Source
    Spectra System UV2000 UV detector
    Spectra System P4000 LC pump and controller
    Spectra System AS3000 autosampler
    Pentium III 500Mhz computer
    The Finnigan Xcalibur data system operating on Windows® NT PC-based system
    Finnigan XcaliburTM software
    Dynamic ExclusionTM
    Isotopic Data-DependencyTM
    WideBand ActivationTM
    Normalized Collision EnergyTM


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