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    The past decade has seen a surge of interest in tumor metabolism, driven by the recognition that oncogenes up-regulate metabolism and that certain metabolites can themselves cause cancer (“oncometabolites”). In 2011 the consortium Cancer Center established a shared resource for Metabolomics, with both the Princeton and New Brunswick sites. This shared resource pushes the frontiers of tumor metabolism measurements and provides Rutgers Cancer Institute members with easy, cost-effective access to these capabilities. The overarching objective is to enable scientific discoveries that significantly impact cancer diagnosis and therapy.

    The specific objectives of the Metabolomics shared resource are to:

    - Provide access to basic metabolism measurement capabilities, such as oxygen uptake by Seahorse analyzer
    - Provide more advanced services, such as large-scale quantitative metabolite measurement by LC-MS
    - Develop and collaboratively apply cutting-edge metabolism measurement capabilities including isotope tracing
    - Engage users at all stages of the metabolomics research process, guiding experimental design, conducting analyses, and assisting users with data analysis.
    - Enhance scientific interaction and productivity across the consortium
    - Accelerates research programs towards new diagnostic or therapeutic approaches for cancer
    - Provide cost-effective pricing and expeditious turnaround times


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