Micro and Nano Mechanics Laboratory

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    The Micro and Nano Mechanics Laboratory in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering aims to provide a fundamental understanding of the mechanics of deformation, fracture, degradation, and the failure of solid materials such as metals, ceramics, polymers and other emerging materials, using a combined experimental and modeling approach. The current focus of this lab is to understand the role of mechanics phenomena in the degradation of lithium-ion batteries to help develop durable and light-weight battery designs for automotive and other future energy-storage needs. The unique facilities of this lab include the experimental apparatus to carry out real-time stress and mechanical property measurements while the battery electrodes are being electrochemically cycled. We also have the ability to make mechanical property measurements in both hot and cold environments. We develop new nano- and micro-scale testing methods to understand the mechanics at nano- and microscale pertaining to the interface fracture, degradation and failure of solids.

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