Rutgers CryoEM & Nanoimaging Facility

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    The Rutgers CryoEM & Nanoimaging Facility (RCNF) specializes in high-resolution imaging of cells, molecules, and other soft matter preserved in its native state by vitrification. We currently operate three electron microscopes: a cryo-transmission electron microscope, cryo-scanning electron microscope, and cryo-focused ion beam/scanning electron microscope. The RCNF has solved protein structures down to 2.0Å in resolution. Our cryogenic light microscope allows multimodal correlation. Additional equipment includes a rotary shadower (for e-beam deposition of platinum or carbon) and two plunge-freezers. The facility is available on a fee-for-use basis, with preference in scheduling and pricing to members of the Rutgers community. Industrial uses include characterization of lipid nanoparticles and atomic resolution reconstructions of proteins and macromolecular complexes.


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