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PROJECT SUMMARY This proposal requests partial support for a meeting on the “Molecular Mechanisms of Nitric Oxide Signaling in Health and Disease” as a Gordon Research Conference (GRC) and Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) to be held in Ventura California from February 12th -17th 2023. The broad and long-term goal of this conference is to bring together the world's leading researchers in this field to foster cross-disciplinary discussions and collaborations. The meeting is designed to enhance our understanding of Nitric Oxide as a regulator of physiological function and as such an important target for control in both health and disease. In particular, we are interested in emphasizing how restoring appropriate Nitric Oxide signaling can alleviate diseases as varied as diabetes, hypertension, asthma, and COVID-19 related pneumonia. The 2023 conference will include a GRS for trainees held immediately prior to and in conjunction with the GRC. The specific aims of this meeting will be to convene over 35 leading experts who will present unpublished data and insights within the field of Nitric Oxide research. The GRC program will be structured into 9 sessions that comprehensively cover the field with sessions focused on cardiovascular performance, molecular mechanisms of signaling, Nitric Oxide generation and detection, and the role of Nitric Oxide in respiratory health. Both basic and translational research will be highlighted, with a major emphasis on physiological signaling and disruptions of this system that can be targeted to improve human health. Afternoon poster sessions will permit all participants to contribute to these topics with the most meritorious abstracts chosen by the conference Chair and Vice-Chair for oral presentations. Every effort will be made to encourage participation by graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in the GRC. In addition, the GRS will be specifically aimed at trainees, allowing them to present their research and interact in a relaxing and extra supportive environment. Every effort will be made to promote gender parity and include racial/ethnic minorities and persons with disabilities. The significance of this application lies in the much needed forum provided by the GRC and GRS to bring together and synergize the members of an international research community working on Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide research is unique in that it brings together chemists, environmental scientists, pulmonary and cardiovascular physicians. The Gordon conference on NO which has run since 1995 provides one of the only venues that brings together this diverse group and promotes transformational research ideas. The GRS will have the added value of helping to train and energize the next generation of researchers in the field. The need for greater understanding of how Nitric Oxide is critical to normal human function has only been made more apparent in the recent COVID pandemic. Nitric Oxide based detection and delivery systems are currently in use to not only treat patients, but to improve general health levels and improve resistant to disease. The investigators brought together by this conference have the potential to bring about true transformational change in human health.
Effective start/end date2/1/231/31/24


  • National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute: $15,000.00


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