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The Rutgers University for Faculty Advancement and Institutional Re-imagination (RU FAIR) project at Rutgers University, the State University of New Jersey, will promote the participation and advancement of women in science, engineering, and mathematics (SEM) on all three campuses of Rutgers University (Camden, Newark and New Brunswick) through five interrelated initiatives: - Recruitment and retention initiatives: Implement a targeted strategy for increasing the number of women in general, and minority women in particular, on the SEM faculty of Rutgers University, including skills training for search committees (RU-InSTRIDE), leadership training for established faculty, and a coordinated mentorship program. - Communication Initiatives: Enhance communication among faculty within a geographically and structurally complex multi-campus university. We will build on existing initiatives to enhance our web presence and establish RU FAIR professorships within different schools and campuses. We will give SEM faculty from different campuses more opportunities to network. RU-FAIR professors will be selected by competitive application. The RU- FAIR professors will work on the Recruitment and Retention, Networking and Liaisons, and Visibility Initiatives. - Networking and Liaisons with Women?s Programs Initiatives: Encourage interdisciplinary research across schools and campuses and to work closely with the nationally acclaimed Rutgers Institute for Women?s Leadership (IWL) to deliver leadership training, to encourage research, and to develop interdisciplinary courses. - Visibility Initiatives: Achieve greater visibility for our women faculty by creating a bigger web presence, instituting a lecture series, nominating our faculty members and postdoctoral associates for prestigious awards, and working with the Rutgers Media Relations to generate increased press coverage for their research accomplishments. - Family Initiatives: Bolster the resources available for dual career families, families with children, and families caring for elderly members. We will institute a dialogue among administrators, faculty, and staff concerning what changes in current campus structure, tenure regulations, and other policies would best accommodate the needs of families. Broader Impacts. The project outcomes include: increased recruitment of female and minority faculty; reduced attrition of women and minority faculty; increased numbers of women promoted to full professor and professor II; increased numbers of women rising to leadership positions in either academic administration or areas of scholarly leadership; increases faculty satisfaction by encouraging collaborative projects and creating opportunities for science faculty to become involved in such projects, especially in collaboration with faculty in the Institute for Women?s Leadership or Women?s and Gender Studies; and increases visibility of female Rutgers SEM faculty as measured by press coverage and awards received. Intellectual Merit. The project activities are based on activities which have been implemented in other sites and adapted to the Rutgers University campuses. In addition, by collecting data on the proposed programs, evaluating their impact and disseminating project information to the scientific and women?s and gender studies communities, this project will make a significant contribution to understanding techniques and tactics that promote advancement and retention of women scientists at a multi-campus university which has geographically disperse campuses.
Effective start/end date9/1/088/31/13


  • National Science Foundation (National Science Foundation (NSF))


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