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The NSF-supported Afranaph Project has for nearly a decade developed a research model and infrastructure for theoretical and empirical inquiry designed to uncover and record the rich empirical patterns to be found in African languages and to share these results though an internet interface and freely-accessible database. The empirical inquiry is largely conducted through internet communications with native speakers of African languages who are themselves linguists. Most of them live in Africa, and many are Ph.D. candidates who learn through their collaboration with Afranaph researchers. In recent years, Afranaph has undergone dramatic expansion, and so its internet-based community of scholars is ever larger, including more than fifty researchers, consultants, and researcher-consultants, in addition to participating graduate and undergraduate students and post-docs. This award will support a workshop at Rutgers, the PI''s home institution, to bring together researchers and consultants, many who have worked together without ever meeting face-to-face, to report on empirical and theoretical results achieved so far and to plan future work. The workshop is expected to be a galvanizing experience for the project, lead to new collaborations, and expand the professional networks of many scholars who are otherwise somewhat isolated (particularly those from Africa), while providing an excellent audience for the presentation of research results on theoretically informed language comparison. Researchers and consultants will report on the progress and goals of their research, theoretical results achieved and what sorts of further questions can now be explored, based on the comparison of rich data-sets produced by Afranaph for languages that have long been under-reported. The intellectual impact of the Afranaph Project will be cumulative, but the workshop will provide a snapshot of what it has achieved, and showcase a model for research that we expect to have broadening impact within our discipline.
Effective start/end date4/15/133/31/14


  • National Science Foundation (National Science Foundation (NSF))


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