Collaborative Research: Campus Compute Cooperative (Ccc) Planning Grant Proposal


The idea of sharing resources between institutions is not new and has been relatively successful in a few instances and largely unsuccessful in many cases. This proposal elaborates a plan to construct the Campus Compute Cooperative (CCC), a shared cyberinfrastructure as well as a social fabric; both computational resources and support staff expertise will be pooled and shared. The CCC will: i) connect and federate campus physical infrastructures; ii) use market-based mechanisms for resource allocation and quality of service to avoid the tragedy of the commons; iii) leverage In Common and local identity management systems to provide integrated cross-institution authentication and access control of resources; iv) facilitate secure data and storage sharing between institutions and research labs; v) offer 'cloud bursting' to member institutions; and, vi) provide paid-for, differentiated quality of service. The impact of on-demand, pay-per-use (cloud) resources on society has been huge. Making the most of limited resources is critical to the success of the nation's research enterprise. By rationally and securely sharing the limited computational and human resources available for research the CCC will both accelerate discovery and provide a research cyberinfrastructure with better cost/benefit.
Effective start/end date9/1/178/31/18


  • National Science Foundation (NSF)


Quality of service
Access control
Resource allocation