Collaborative Research: Next Big Research Challenges in Cyber-Physical Systems

  • Aliari Zonouz, Saman (PI)

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The National Science Foundation (NSF) initiated its Cyber-physical systems (CPS) program more than a decade ago. As a result, there have been many foundational solutions developed to address various research challenges in modeling, design and control of trustworthy, real-time and dependable cyber-physical platforms in different application domains. The proposed solutions in CPS technologies are transforming the way people interact with such engineered systems. While tremendous progress has been made in advancing CPS technologies, the demand for innovation across application domains is driving the need to accelerate research to keep pace.

To identify and prioritize the fundamental research challenges that need to be addressed, this project will organize a workshop, where experts from different CPS domains are invited to share their thoughts on the most important current challenges and directions. The main objective of the workshop is to identify the new and important areas, where CPS researchers might be better advised to focus on. More specifically, the attendees are asked to present their vision on i) what research challenges in CPS have been addressed the best over the last decade, ii) the most important challenges that the CPS community need to focus on now, iii) the most common mistakes over the last decade of CPS research that we should avoid moving forward, and iv) the new solutions for the community (including academia, industry, and government agencies) for more effective technology transfers in coming years. The outcomes of this workshop are presented at NSF CPS PI Meeting Mini-Workshop. After these events, a takeaway summary will be prepared of the presentations and panel discussions in the form of a report to be published and shared with the CPS research community. The outcomes of the above-mentioned events will help to keep our CPS community informed about upcoming research challenges that they may choose to focus on in their future research efforts. This will indirectly improve our societal development in the long run by novel solutions developed by the CPS community to address real-world research challenges that the industry is facing nowadays. Furthermore, the discussions throughout the above-mentioned two workshops regarding challenges in educational initiatives on CPS will introduce new ideas and directions towards more cohesive CPS education and outreach strategies.

This award reflects NSF's statutory mission and has been deemed worthy of support through evaluation using the Foundation's intellectual merit and broader impacts review criteria.

Effective start/end date7/1/218/31/22


  • National Science Foundation: $24,999.00


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