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Rutgers University has received a Special Projects award to support a portion of the infrastructure of the DIMACS Center. DIMACS was founded as the Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science. As the Center has grown and matured, it has greatly expanded its scope, culminating in the D3 Project: New Directions, Dimensions, and Domains for Computer Science.

The D3 Project aims at providing a resource for the national computer science community through innovative research and educational programs with a broad scope and impact. The programs will emphasize new directions in areas such as information and data management, artificial intelligence, and trusted computing. In-depth investigation of emerging trends in areas such as privacy, security, and sensors will open up new dimensions for computer science. Applications of computer science and closely-related areas of mathematics and statistics will explore new domains in biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, public heath, business, and the social sciences.

Effective start/end date6/1/059/30/11


  • National Science Foundation: $936,271.00


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