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This project is aimed at achieving significant spectrum efficiency gains through inter network collaboration in radio resource management. The proposed SAVANT (spectrum access via inter network collaboration) architecture is based on a new protocol interface for dissemination of spectrum usage information, policies and algorithms between neighboring networks to enable spectrum coexistence algorithms that reduce interference and improve spectrum packing efficiency. A new inter-domain spectrum coordination protocol (ISCP) is being developed to enable independent networks to negotiate radio resource management policies and optionally merge radio resource controllers for joint optimization.The scope of research to be conducted includes ISCP protocol design/validation, evaluation of alternative algorithms involving network collaboration, prototype implementation and performance evaluation. The methodology for the project involves a mix of analysis, simulation and experimental prototyping. Generalized analytical models for radio localization, propagation and interference are developed and incorporated into simulation studies of inter-network cooperation using the ISCP protocol framework. These simulation models are expected to provide insight into the type of collaborative radio resource optimization algorithm to be used along with quantitative evaluation of ISCP overhead, complexity and performance. The project also includes an experimental prototyping track in which emerging software-defined network (SDN) technology is used to develop a proof-of-concept system with multiple collaborating networks. The proposed ISCP inter-network protocol has the potential for large gains in wireless spectrum utilization, and could thus influence future industry standards. The project will also produce educational materials for training of graduate students in software-defined networking and wireless systems.Description
Effective start/end date1/1/1312/31/15


  • National Science Foundation (National Science Foundation (NSF))

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