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This study proposes a novel nanomanufacturing paradigm for anisotropic micro- and nanoparticles, termed Janus particles. While this class of particles has received much attention recently, their formulations have not been compatible with biotechnology, where bio-benign polymers are called for, and staged delivery of multiple biotherapeutic factors is frequently desired but difficult to achieve. The key goal of this work is to create novel biodegradable and biocompatible anisotropic biphasic nano- particles (ABNPs) for large scale production, capable of dual compartmentalization and incorporation of two or more therapeutic drugs with staggered release profiles. Three specific aims will be pursued. Aim 1 is focused on the design and synthesis of a platform of ABNP/ABMPs with different combinations of polymeric and lipid materials that self-assemble into anisotropic particles. Aim 2 is focused on the modeling of polymer/polymer and polymer/lipid for the rational design of engineered ABNP/ABMP; Aim 3 proposes to demonstrate the broader functional impact of the nanomanufacturing paradigm of ABNP/ABMP on phased delivery of dual-combination drugs by applying these particles for difficult-to-treat cancers.If successful this project will lead to significant advances in pharmaceutics, biomedicine, materials engineering and dispersion stabilization. Furthermore, multicompartmental, biocompatible particles will constitute a new avenue in the design of active and passive drug delivery vehicles, tissue engineering scaffolds, and biomimetic particles. The broader impacts are in the mechanisms for broadening participation of URM scholars; and developing curriculum and professional training mechanisms in the tools for nanoparticle manufacturing and drug delivery science and engineering. Four specific mechanisms for broadening participation are proposed: 1) Study modules will be created by the PI for all participating students to complete and discuss research findings in joint group meetings; 2) Results will be incorporated into teaching courses and laboratory modules; 3) Active participation in already established outreach programs at Rutgers; 4) Outreach to URM students and dissemination in workshops and conferences.
Effective start/end date9/15/128/31/15


  • National Science Foundation (National Science Foundation (NSF))


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