International Collaboration in Chemistry: Electronic and Vibrational Dynamics of Molecules and Polymers in Close Proximity to Nanostructured Metal Surfaces and Arrays

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In this award, funded by the Chemical Structure, Dynamics and Mechanisms A (CSDM-A) Program of the Division of Chemistry, Professors Piotr Piotrowiak, Laura Fabris and Deirdre O'Connell of Rutgers University - Newark, their Japanese collaborators (funded by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) and Rutgers University graduate and undergraduate student researchers are conducting experiments to study the ways in which electronic and vibrational energy is transferred from small molecules and polymers to metallic nanoparticles. The results from these experiments are of fundamental interest to the physical chemistry and condensed matter physics communities. In addition, the development of a better understanding of these processes could lead to improved photonic devices. Graduate and undergraduate students working on this project will receive training in laser science, microscopy, materials synthesis and theory, while working with scientists from Japan.

Profs. Piotrowiak, Fabris and O'Connell will collaborate with Profs. Iyoda, Vacha and Fujii from Tokyo Institute of Technology. The US and Japanese research groups are conducting a multi-pronged research effort investigating the electronic and vibrational dynamics of molecules and semiconducting polymers in close proximity to nanostructured materials. The two groups will: (1) conduct experimental and theoretical studies aimed at developing a better understanding of molecular excited state dynamics at the plasmonic interface; (2) engineer these materials to maximize the desired radiative enhancement effects through the control of order, periodicity and alignment of the nanostructures and by optimizing the chemical interface between molecule and nanostructure. The US students involved in this project will work alongside Japanese researchers. Rutgers University - Newark is an urban university with a diverse student body. The US investigators will incorporate students from underrepresented groups in this international collaborative project.

Effective start/end date8/1/147/31/18


  • National Science Foundation: $510,000.00


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