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9614999 Coleman This grant continues the support of the PI's theoretical work on a variety of problems in materials with strongly correlated electrons. The research program consists of related topics in heavy fermion materials (compounds based on Cerium and Uranium with anomalously large specific heats) and the wider theme of non-Fermi liquid behavior. The plan of research includes: Strong coupling study of Hund's interaction in heavy fermion materials, non-linear susceptibility of a non-Fermi liquid metal, theory of optical Hall conductivity, odd frequency pairing and certain phenomenological formulations of a Kondo insulator. The research builds on the PI's breakthrough work during the previous grant on the properties of non-Fermi liquid materials and on unconventional superconductivity. %%% Many of the Cerium and Uranium based compounds have extraordinarily large specific heats, as if the electrons were a thousand times heavier. Ever since the discovery of these materials in mid-eighties, there has been a continuing interest in the properties of these materials. The PI has been active in this area, with recent contributions to the possibility of unconventional superconductivity and exotic forms of magnetism. This grant is to further support the work of this very imaginative and creative scientist. ***

Effective start/end date12/15/9611/30/99


  • National Science Foundation: $225,000.00


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