Mathematical Sciences: Some Problems (mostly) on Finite Sets

  • Kahn, Jeffry J.N. (PI)

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This award supports the research in combinatorics of Professor Jeffry Kahn of Rutgers University. Dr. Kahn will be conducting investigations in the following topics: the properties of hypergraphs (collections of finite sets); the problem of giving a good estimate of the probability that a random square matrix of order n, in which all entries are zero or 1, should be singular; and Chvatal's conjecture on intersecting families in ideals in finite Boolean algebras. This research falls in the broad category of combinatorics, which is one of the most active fields in today's mathematics. Fundamentally, combinatorics represents a systematization of the very first of all mathematical activities, counting. In its modern development, however, combinatorics has gone beyond just counting to make use of a wide variety of advanced mathematical techniques, and although its roots go back several centuries, the field has had an explosive development in the past few decades because of its importance in communications and information technology.

Effective start/end date7/1/9012/31/93


  • National Science Foundation: $46,080.00


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