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The Minority Biomedical Research Support (MBRS) Program at
the Newark campus of Rutgers University has three objectives:

First, to provide opportunities for minority undergraduate and
graduate students to work with established research scientists on
significant research projects in the biomedical sciences;

Second, to encourage minority students to do advanced
undergraduate and graduate work in the biomedical sciences; and

Third, to inform minority students in colleges and universities
throughout the country, in New Jersey, and especially in the
Newark area about the possibility of careers in the biomedical
sciences and about programs at Rutgers-Newark that can give
students substantial assistance in entering the bio-medical field.

To achieve these goals, the MBRS Program at Rutgers-Newark

First, selected 17 members of the graduate faculty to serve as
associate investigators in MBRS subproposals for biomedical
research projects in which minority students are participating;

Second, appointed an Advisory Committee to select applicants to
the MBRS Program in Newark;

Third, organized a series of seminars in which distinguished
minority investigators from other institutions and MBRS
investigators and students discuss their research;

Fourth, increased efforts at Essex County College to attract more
minority students to Rutgers; and

Fifth, recruited students to the Rutgers-Newark MBRS Program
via the annual MBRS Symposium, a program brochure, and
speaking engagements.
Effective start/end date1/1/906/30/90


  • National Center for Research Resources
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  • Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology(all)


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