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As the most densely populated region in the nation, as well as one that is still faced with a growing population and steady development pressure, New Jersey and the Mid-Atlantic provides the perfect laboratory setting for the study of land use/land cover change. Understanding the driving factors, quantifying the trends, and mapping the key hotspots of landscape change along with identifying the thresholds of environmental impact, are all central to an informed response on the part of government and the citizenry alike. While the proposed work will focus on New Jersey, the implications of this research are relevant much more broadly, to elsewhere in the United States, as well as globally.My goal with this proposed project is similarly to inform the public and government agencies about land use change issues and the overall state of NJ's landscape. This will be accomplished by continuing our the long term time series of Land Resources Impact indicators, as well as an analysis of the implications of the change data set for the state of New Jersey. More specifically, I propose to address specific questions related to the influence of such events as SuperStorm Sandy and the Great Recession on the development/redevelopment of urban lands and the conversion or alteration of natural habitats in New Jersey. The data and information generated by this project will aid the NJAES in fulfilling its mission 'To enhance the vitality, health, sustainability and overall quality of life in New Jersey by developing and delivering practical, effective solutions to current and future challenges to agriculture; fisheries; food; natural resources; environments; public health; and economic, community, and youth development.'
Effective start/end date11/1/106/30/21


  • National Institute of Food and Agriculture (National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA))


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