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In the past 5 years, significant advances have been made in our
understanding of pharmacological therapy of acute spinal cord
injury, to the extent the several controlled multicenter clinical
trials are underway. A three day conference devoted to a
detailed and critical review of the pharmacological treatments of
acute spinal cord injury is proposed. Two classes of drugs will be
specifically targeted for review: steroids and opiate receptor
blockers. Funds are requested to cover the per diem and travel
expenses of 10 invited speakers to this conference. The conference will be in 3 parts. The first is concerned with the
theoretical basis and mechanisms of these two classes of drugs.
The second will focus on the laboratory studies indicating
efficacy. The third will cover the current clinical trails. The
proceedings of the conference will be published within 6 months
after the conference and distributed widely to researchers and
clinicians interested in pharmacological treatments of spinal cord
injury. Specific aims of the conference include not only better
dissemination of information concerning treatments of acute
spinal cord injury but clarification of the mechanisms of high dose
steroids and opiate receptor blockers as treatments of central
nervous system injury. It is hoped that by bringing together
researchers investigating these two classes of drugs, the
discussion will yield insights into commonalities between the two. The conference will be held at NYU, under the auspices of the
NYU Post-graduate School of Medicine, in Spring of 1987. The
proceedings will be published as a supplement to the journal CNS
Effective start/end date4/1/879/30/88


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