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0934379 Rutgers University; Dimitris Metaxas0934343 Arie Kaufman; SUNY at Stony Brook The Center for Dynamic Data Analysis (CDDA) will focus on advancing knowledge and understanding of large-scale, multidimensional dynamic data. Rutgers University (RU) and SUNY at Stony Brook are collaborating to establish the proposed center, with RU as the lead institution. The proposed Center will investigate algorithms and potential solutions to analyze and visualize massive, complex, multidimensional and multi-scale dynamic data. The algorithm design will be tested, validated and improved based on the close collaboration and research between the two participating universities and industry. RU and SUNY plan to use the NSF planning grant fund to hold a meeting with prospective industrial partners, and to develop an initial research agenda for CDDA of sufficient commercial interest that attendees will be willing to invest in and sustain the Center. The participating universities have research and education programs whose strengths cover the technical scope of the center.The proposed research projects will be useful to industry and homeland security, and the proposed Center will transform traditional research in computer science. Analysis and visualization of large-scale dynamic data will also become a new area of research for many graduate students. CDDA plans to have students spend time with the industrial affiliates in the form of summer internships and during the academic year so they can improve their skills. The participating universities also plan to leverage existing outreach programs at their institutions, and programs sponsored by the NSF, to encourage the participation of under-represented groups in our research. For the duration of the planning grant the PIs will pursue several avenues for broadening participation, including partnership opportunities with local and national outreach programs.
Effective start/end date8/15/097/31/10


  • National Science Foundation (National Science Foundation (NSF))


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