Policies, Planning, and Pilot Testing on Infrastructure Readiness for Electrical, Connected, Automated, and Ridesharing Vehicles

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The intended activities of the project are to: (1) Conduct comprehensive review of the existing ITS system architecture and implementation in New Jersey; (2) Document the best practices in ITS system architecture practices in the country, which support transition to connected and electric vehicles; (3) Identify gaps in New Jersey compared to these best practices; (4) Develop a preliminary system architecture for New Jersey that supports connected and electric vehicle technologies; and (5) Identify critical infrastructure barriers and challenges in New Jersey to make the transition. The research outcome will lead to preliminary design plan of a test bed, a simulation model demonstrating scale up, and a preliminary system architecture.
Effective start/end date9/1/189/30/20


  • U.S. Department of Transportation: $339,480.00


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