POWRE: synthesis and study of rigid linkages to anchor molecular coordination compounds to semiconductor nanoparticles

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This POWRE award by the Chemistry Division will support Dr. Elena Galoppini in establishing a collaboration with professor Gerald Meyer of Johns Hopkins to synthesize a new class of coordination compounds and use them to study the dynamics of electron injection at the interface of Titantium Dioxide nanoparticles. The results obtained are expected to contribute to better understanding of the photophysics of semiconducting nanoparticles and dye-sensitized regenerative solar cells as well as contribute to knowledge of the materials chemistry of polymeric light emitting diodes, sensors and other information storage devices.

Both graduate and undergraduate students will receive interdisciplinary training in both organic synthesis and photophysical and photoelectrochemical methods for study of semiconductors and Dr. Galoppini will integrate the subject matter into an undergraduate course. This award will permit Dr. Galoppini to access new techniques and facilities such as surface attachment of complexes, preparation of sol-gel Titantium Dioxide films and electrochemical cells, steady state and time-resolved spectroscopic studies, etc. and to implement them at her home institution.

Effective start/end date7/15/0012/31/01


  • National Science Foundation: $74,899.00


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