PWA90: Emergent Frontiers of Condensed Matter will be held at Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, 14-15 December 2013

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The two day workshop 'PWA90: Emergent Frontiers of Condensed Matter' will be held at Princeton University, 14th-15th December 2013, to bring together world leaders in the area of emergence in condensed and biological matter and to mark the achievements of Professor Philip W. Anderson. The event will frame the grand challenges of emergence that face the community today, combining forward looking research talks and panel discussions with presentations of a historical perspective, examining the areas of physics in which Professor Anderson has made seminal contributions to modern science. Science makes often makes strides by using the perspective and pedagogy of past achievement to provide direction and inspiration for future challenge. This occasion provides an unparalleled opportunity to frame today's frontier challenges in physics, condensed matter and biological matter, providing what is possibly the last opportunity of our science community to commune with Anderson, the co-inventor of the term 'Condensed Matter Physics' and one of the great contributors to our modern understanding and the philosophical underpinning of collective, emergent behavior in physics. This event will provide a unique opportunity to summarize the current status of understanding of emergent behavior. The material presented as part of this event will be published as a proceedings with World Scientific, providing a lasting record of a unique research event. The perspective provided by this meeting will help frame the big questions and research in this area for future researchers to push back the frontiers of emergent materials research.

Effective start/end date12/1/1311/30/14


  • National Science Foundation: $22,500.00


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