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DIMACS, the Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer

Science, headquartered at Rutgers University, will run an REU program in

collaboration with DIMATIA, the Center for Discrete Mathematics,

Theoretical Informatics, and Applications, based at Charles University

in Prague, Czech Republic. This program will provide an exciting

research experience for undergraduates that will help them decide on

future educational and career paths. 17 students from all across the

U.S. and from the Czech Republic will be recruited annually. Most of the

program will take place at DIMACS, but some of the U.S. students will

spend time at DIMATIA and all participants will get a taste of the

international scientific enterprise. The program will include a pilot

academic-industrial co-mentoring program and will collaborate with a

Department of Homeland Security REU program at DIMACS.

Scientific fields to be emphasized include graph theory, computational

geometry, logic and complexity theory, and combinatorial optimization,

with applications to DNA topology, biomedical engineering,

epidemiological modeling, economic applications involving e-commerce,

information management in massive data sets, etc. Students will be

exposed to modern industrial research on network analysis, sensor

location, and internet auctions, as well as to homeland security

applications of methods of computer science and mathematics. The program

will have broader impacts through increasing scientific collaborations

between U.S. and Czech researchers and students and, through

dissemination of the model, raise the awareness of a large community

about opportunities for young people in international cooperation and

collaboration. The program will also include career counseling and

guidance on how to make presentations and should greatly influence the

choices about further education and future careers of the students


Effective start/end date2/15/071/31/11


  • National Science Foundation: $390,000.00


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