SGER: Island Biogeography of Non-discrete Organisms: Functional Analysis of Resource Island Colonization by Saprotrophic Fungi Using FT-IR Microspectrometer

  • Dighton, John (PI)
  • Arbuckle-keil, Georgia G.A. (CoPI)

Project Details


9727795 Dighton Mycorrhizal fungi are able to form a biological bridge between two resource patches. Nutrients and carbon can then be translocated between patches by the fungi. This SGER research will use new technology, Fourier Transform Infrared Radiometry (FTIR) to (1) determine the cascade of decomposition products in response to fungal enzymes on resource islands with or without fungal bridges, and (2) assess if decomposition products from different plant materials can be determined qualitatively with this technique. This research has direct application for linking microbial diversity in the soil with ecosystem function through the process of decomposition. This will be the first attempt to use FTIR technology to link structure and function in soil microbial ecology.

Effective start/end date12/15/975/31/99


  • National Science Foundation: $49,995.00


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