SGER: Technology Transfer of Inter-Agency Government Services and Their Transnational Feasibility Studies

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This Small Grant for Exploratory Research will take advantage of opportunities arising from an earlier grant from the Digital Govnernment program (9983468) and has two objectives:

1. Quickly, while government program managers who partnered on the earlier award are still in place, develop backend systems that allow data sharing among different agencies and the front-end interface system that will be visible to the citizens and businesses of the State of New Jersey. This effort will lead to technology transfer of the prototype system to the State of New Jersey.

2. Conduct a transnational comparison evaluation study of similar human-centered systems for government on-line services in European Union countries. This effort will provide critical knowledge for developing US/EU digital government research collaborations and might lead to technology sharing among several countries. The study will concentrate on developing a methodology for comparative analysis and surveying of the European case literature, and will help establish common discussion areas between different projects and programs that aim to achieve the similar objectives.

Effective start/end date9/1/0412/31/05


  • National Science Foundation: $99,898.00


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