Spatial Patterns Of Genetic Variation Across The Landscape, As A Reflection Of Variable Ecological And Anthropogenic Forces

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The focus of this proposal is comparative analysis of spatial genetic pattern, specifically a series of formal contrasts within the same or among related species, populations that have experienced divergent ecological (or in some cases, managerial) disruptions. We will develop novel methods for attacking such problems, including: (i) novel methods for the comparison of spatial genetic comparison for different genomes (e.g., nuclear vs mitochondrial vs chloroplast genomes, or allozymes vs AFLPs vs microsats vs SNPs, or neutral vs adaptive markers) within the same individuals, and (ii) novel methods for dealing with propagule flow under over-dispersed, fat-tail (Levy) conditions. We will then apply them to real world organisms, which will generally be provided by collaborators from around the world. The problems under study are quite general, and there is no shortage of such colleagues. In the Proposal section, we describe a series of particular studies that are already on the drawing board or in the early stages of collaboration: (1) comparative analysis of small scale genetic pattern for different populations within particular species that have experienced various levels and types of ecological or anthropogenic disturbance, (2) new methods of genetic parentage analysis that will extend the genomic reach of such pattern analyses, (3) spatial innovations that emerge from novel parentage analysis, (4) comparative biogeography, and (5) productive treatment of long-distance dispersal.
Effective start/end date10/1/089/30/13


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