The 2005 Solid State Chemistry II Gordon Conference; June 5-10, 2005; II Ciocco, Barga, Italy

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Interest in solid state chemistry has undergone explosive growth in recent years due to the broadly based recognition of the technological importance and scientific challenges involved in the discovery and study of new materials, and due to the influx of scientists from other disciplines who see the opportunities for performing exciting research in this area. The 2005 Solid State Chemistry II Gordon Conference is a major international meeting held June 5-10, 2005 in II Ciocco, Barga, Italy. The goal of the conference is to facilitate international collaborations and information exchange across a broad spectrum of researchers with interests in solid-state chemistry areas that include new concepts for design and synthesis of novel functional materials, fundamental studies in structure, theory and modeling, and related areas of materials nanoscience and engineering research and education. The NSF funds will be used primarily to support the participation of students, post-doctoral scholars, and early career faculty, as well as senior U.S. session chairs and invited speakers.


The Solid State Chemistry community continues to have direct impact on technological advances of high significance to society by designing new materials for energy, electronics and photonics, including the design and construction of novel 'biosolids' such as biomolecules in sol-gels as sensor materials.

Effective start/end date5/1/054/30/06


  • National Science Foundation: $19,940.00


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