The Development of an Intelligent Pedagogical Agent for Physical Science Inquiry Driven by Educational Data Mining

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Purpose: In the early 2000s, a key educational priority was to use summative assessment both as a measure of learner progress and as an incentive for school improvement. At the same time, many educators and researchers supported also using formative assessment, or assessment for screening, monitoring and diagnosis to aid ongoing learning throughout the academic year. In this project, the research team created a new educational technology tool intended to improve student writing performance and writing assessments. The Assess-As-You-Go Writing Assistant is an online writing environment that, via a combination of tagging, social networking, and natural language processing technologies, gives learners constant feedback on their writing in the form of on-demand, as-you-go formative assessment. The Writing Assistant tracks individual learner progress, the progress of cohorts of students through the system, and the progress of individuals in relation to cohorts—thus providing summative assessment data intended to meet teacher, school, parent, and community accountability requirements.
Effective start/end date7/1/12 → 6/30/15


  • Institute of Education Sciences: $1,499,587.00


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