The Impact Of Local Growth Management Tools On Landscape, Environment, And Agricultural Preservation

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This project will provide a set of careful 'program evaluations' of policies that local governments enact in order to preserve farmland and rural character or, alternatively, to prevent the worst aspects of suburban sprawl. Outcome measures will include those related to land use and land cover, as well as economic measures like home and land prices (which frequently pick up more hidden effects, like those related to local amenities). The project will focus primarily on two types of policies: large-lot zoning and the purchase of development rights on farmland. These types of policies are relatively easy to implement by local communities. They are relatively common and widely used inthe Northeastern US and inNew Jersey.The findings of this research will be communicated to policy makers and citizens, in the hope that greater consensus can be developed on certain cause and effect relationships and potential trade-offs between stated policy objectives.
Effective start/end date3/21/142/14/19


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