Theoretical Intermediate Energy Physics at Rutgers University

  • Kloet, Willem (PI)

Project Details


9504866 Kloet I propose to investigate the role of sub-nucleon degrees of freedom in the proton and the antiproton. When an antiproton scatters from a proton, more than half the time completed annihilation of both particles occurs, and all mass is transformed into energy. Antiprotons do not naturally occur in nature but can be created by special techniques. Experiments using these antiprotons have been done recently, and surprisingly large effects of the spin polarization have been observed. We will investigate what different models predict for proton-antiproton annihilation and subsequent creation of pions. Further I propose to study the effect of parity nonconservationin proton-proton reactions. Recent advances in the description of the weak interaction of excited states of the nucleon, allow for closer analysis of the data, within the framework of a model that takes these excitations into effect. ***

Effective start/end date5/15/9510/31/97


  • National Science Foundation: $63,000.00


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