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The DIMACS Center at Rutgers University and the Mathematical Sciences Research Center at Bell Laboratories/Lucent Technologies will host a postdoctoral fellow in telecom/combinatorics and optimization. The solutions to problems of combinatorics and optimization, and more particularly combinatorial optimization, are fundamental to telecommunication networks. This postdoctoral program will explore research challenges in combinatorics and optimization lying at the forefront of modern telecommunications. The initial emphasis will be on problems arising from the Internet Protocol (IP) Multimedia System (IMS), a new communication architecture that enables multimedia services such as voice, data and video over a common client-server IP foundation and enables rapid creation of new services. The postdoctoral fellow will be introduced to the IMS architecture and to fundamental problems involving reliability of such networks, for example under different models of edge failure, and also to a variety of other problems in combinatorics and optimization arising from telecom. Jointly mentored by industry and university researchers, the fellow will work on theoretical and practical challenges arising from real-world problems at Bell Labs. She/he will participate in workshops and educational programs at DIMACS and will write a module on mathematics and telecom for the DIMACS educational module series. This GOALI project was jointly funded by the Division of Mathematical Sciences (DMS) and the MPS Office of Multidisciplinary Activities (OMA).

Effective start/end date9/1/068/31/09


  • National Science Foundation: $71,000.00


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