A Study on the Optimization of Wind Environment of Existing Villa Buildings in Lingnan Area: A Case Study of Jiangmen’s “Yunshan Poetic” Moon Island Houses

Zhaoming Du, Weihong Guo, Weicong Li, Xuyi Gao

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Effective natural ventilation reduces humidity, cools the space, and enhances thermal comfort. In light of the frequent ventilation issues in the Lingnan area, this research suggests a successful ventilation technique using Jiangmen’s “Yunshan Poetic” Moon Island houses as an example. With its symmetrical architectural layout of townhouses and its primary courtyard villa product, the community typifies the Lingnan area. First off, we discovered that the district’s average temperature is as high as 30.95 °C and its average humidity is as high as 83.592%RH using actual measurements and simulation of heat and humidity data. The district’s buildings’ issues with dampness, peeling walls, and substance mold are primarily caused by poor ventilation. Secondly, the PHOENICS program was used to provide efficient ventilation solutions for the following six aspects: external wind infusion organization, group orientation layout, planar grouping optimization, building façade combination, monolithic building openings, and indoor ventilation block. In order to determine if the technique is effective, the ventilation variables are compared before and after optimization using the Building Ventilation Effectiveness Test and Evaluation Criteria. The study concluded that the building’s architectural characteristics and the local climate have an impact on natural ventilation’s effectiveness. This serves as a guide for both the scientific layout development of future urban settlements and the optimization of ventilation of existing villa buildings in humid and hot areas.

Original languageAmerican English
Article number1304
Issue number9
StatePublished - Sep 2022
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  • design strategy
  • humid and hot area
  • villa building
  • wind environment

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