Contract negotiation for neurosurgeons: A practical guide

on behalf of the Medical Director's Ad-Hoc Representational Section of Council of State Neurosurgical Societies (CSNS)

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Contract negotiation is a reality in the career of any neurosurgeon. However, little formal training exists for physicians - including neurosurgeons - on potential techniques and strategies for conducting meaningful contract negotiation. Increasing numbers of neurosurgeons seek hospital employment for which an employment contract will be provided. During contract negotiation, it is likely that a young neurosurgeon will be in discussion with an experienced negotiator acting on behalf of a hospital, practice, or department. Understanding and adapting to this imbalance in experience and using basic negotiating techniques as a means of approaching and resolving key contract issues is critical for the neurosurgeon to maximize his or her value in the course of contract negotiation. Even without formal training in negotiation in residency, negotiation skills can be taught, practiced, and improved. In affiliationwith theMedical Director's Ad-Hoc Representational Section of Council of State Neurosurgical Societies (CSNS) this article is intended to serve as a practical guide for contract negotiation. Contract basics, negotiation terms, strategies, unique neurosurgical issues, and value creation are explored.

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