Discrete riesz transforms and sharp metric Xp inequalities

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For p ε (2;∞), the metric Xp inequality with sharp scaling parameter is proven here to hold true in Lp. The geometric consequences of this re-sult include the following sharp statements about embeddings of Lq into Lp when 2 < q < p <∞: the maximal θ ε (0, 1] for which Lq admits a bi-θ-Hölder embedding into Lp equals q/p, and for m, n ε N, the small-est possible bi-Lipschitz distortion of any embedding into Lp of the grid (1,...m)n⊆ lnq is bounded above and below by constant multiples (de-pending only on p; q) of the quantity min(n(p-q)(q-2)/(q2(p-2));m(q-2)/q).

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JournalAnnals of Mathematics
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StatePublished - 2016

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