Improve the reliability of 6G vehicular communication through skip network coding

Yuyang Zhang, Wentao Zhao, Ping Dong, Xiaojiang Du, Wenxuan Qiao, Mohsen Guizani

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One important design goal of 6G networks is adapting to complex heterogeneous scenarios and providing a stable and reliable transmission channel for specific applications such as vehicular communication. To achieve this, scholars attempt to use heterogeneous wireless networks around a vehicle to improve the reliability of 6G network transmission through multipath transmission schemes and network coding schemes. However, the wireless networks around the vehicle may experience burst consecutive loss due to wireless channel fluctuations. Currently, the classic multipath transmission schemes and network coding schemes may not be able to deal with such packet loss in time, which affects the reliability of transmission. In this paper, we propose a skip network coding (SNC) multipath transmission scheme that draws on the idea of interleaving, which groups and encodes discrete packets that meet the interleaving distance. SNC can decrease burst consecutive loss without packet reordering issues to improve transmission performance. In addition, we provide the algorithmic implementation details of SNC. Finally, we design a vehicular communication multipath transmission simulation system based on network simulation 3 (NS-3) and verify that the universality of SNC multipath transmission schemes in mobile scenarios is superior to current multipath transmission schemes.

Original languageEnglish
Article number100400
JournalVehicular Communications
StatePublished - Jan 2022

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  • Communication
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Automotive Engineering


  • Burst error
  • Multipath transmission
  • Network coding
  • Vehicular communication

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