Japanese direct investment in europe

J. H. Dunning, J. A. Cantwell

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Some details of the expansion of Japanese investment in the EC are set out in Table 9. 1. The share of total outward Japanese FDI directed to the twelve current member states of the EC declined during the 1970s, reaching a trough in 1982, before a steady recovery during the 1980s. The first manufacturing subsidiaries of Japanese firms were set up in the late 1960s and early I970s,2 and, even by March 1980 there were only 131 manufacturing subsidiaries in the EC. Since then the numbers have risen fast, and in March 1988 had increased to 392. In the fiscal years 1986-88 alone the Japanese invested more in the EC than for the previous thirty-five years. Tables 9.2 and 9.3 give further details of the geographical and industrial distribution of Japanese participation in European industry. 3 The UK has for some time been the focal point of attraction for Japanese investors in Europe, though it has become less dominant than it was as investment has expanded. Japanese owned foreign affiliates in Europe have been growing fastest in the electrical equipment and motor vehicle sectors. The recent role of investments in finance and in Luxembourg are probably overstated in the official data.

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