Methods to induce hypothermia

Michael De Georgia, Anupa Deogaonkar, Thomas L. Merrill

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Induced hypothermia is one of the most widely accepted ways available to protect tissue against ischemia. The term “hypothermia” was first coined in 1941 (1) and was first used to treat brain injury in 1943 (2). Hypothermia during experimental circulatory arrest was first reported in 1950 (3) and first applied, with surface cooling, during cardiac surgery in 1953 (4). In 1957, Rosamoff showed a reduction in brain infarct size in animals immersed in ice water (5). Endovascular (“central”) cooling was first described in the early 1950s by Delorme of Edinburgh (6) and Boerema of Holland (7). By the late 1960s, deep hypothermia (less than 20jC) using cardiac bypass machines was widely applied during surgery for complex intracranial aneurysms (8,9).

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StatePublished - Jan 1 2004
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