Molecules and dust in galaxy nuclei: A few ideas for ALMA

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For current millimeter interferometers, sensitivity considerations typically limit high-resolution mapping of galactic nuclei to transitions of the dominant CO isotopomer. Once ALMA arrives, CO will still be useful as a probe of the nuclear geometry, kinematics, and heating on the smallest possible scales. However, high-resolution observations of less abundant molecular species, tracing a wider range of physical conditions, should become nearly as routine. I discuss two of these probes (SiO and HCN) and explore what they may be able to tell us about the properties of dust and molecular gas in galactic nuclei.

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JournalEuropean Space Agency, (Special Publication) ESA SP
Issue number577
StatePublished - 2005
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EventThe Dusty and Molecular Universe - A Prelude to Herschel and ALMA - Paris, France
Duration: Oct 27 2004Oct 29 2004

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