Negative metabolic effects of cyclic gmp are altered in renal hypertension induced cardiac hypertrophy

F. Rablndranauth, K. Nairn, J. D. Sadoff, J. Tse, P. M. Scholz, H. R. Weiss

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We tested the hypothesis that increasing myocardial cvclie GMP would reduce myocardial CK consumption and that renal hypertension (One Kidney-One Clip, IKIC)- induced cardiac hypertrophy would change this relationship. Four groups of anesthetized open-ehest New Zealand rabbi ts (N-26) were utilized. Either vehicle or SIN-1 (10 M, guanylale eye läse st imulator) were topically applled to the left ventricular surface of control or IKlC rabbits. Coronary flow (microspheres) and 02 extraction (microspectrophotometry) were used to determine 0, consumption. Myocardial cyclic GMP levé Is and guanylate eyeläse activity were nl so determi ned. 1K1C rabbits had a greater heart weight-body weight rat i os (3.29±0.15) than controls (2.6310.19). Systolic pressure wds higher in 1K1C (126±9 mraHg) than controls {77+8mmHg). In controls, SIN-1 caused an increase of cyclic GMP in t lie subepicardium (EPI) (5.4 + 0.4 to 7 - S l.6 or 39%) and subendocardium (ENDO) (5.6+0.6 to 8.1+1.5 or 45%). In IKlC, this increase of cyclic GMP was greater. (6.3+0 8 to 11 9tl i or 89% for EPI, and 7.7+1.1 to 13.0+1.5 or 69% for ENDO). Ne ither basai nor maximal guanylate eyeläse act ivity was different in control and IKlC. Myocardial 0., consumption dropped with SIN-1 in controls (9.1+2.0 to 7.2+1 ? EPI and 10.7±2 . 9 to 7.9+1.1 ENDO) and IKlC rabbits (10.0+0.8 to 6.9 + 0.8 EPI , and 12.5 + 3.0 to 6.2+0. 7 ENDO). There was a greater increase in eye lie GMP with a similar decrease in myocardial 02 consumption in IKlC rabbits. Thus, the production of cyclic GMP and its effect on cardiac metabolism are ,1 ] ter edhy renal hypertension- induced cardiac hype r t rophv .

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)A309
JournalFASEB Journal
Issue number3
StatePublished - 1996

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