One-Stop Search: Finding Full-Text Information for Social Science Journals

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Users often express confusion and frustration in trying to locate the full-text availability of a journal and having to check multiple resources and interfaces on a library's Web site. The challenge was to seek an interim practical solution which would address this need effectively. The Social Science Journals Database and Search Engine (Soc-dbase) project demonstrates a low-cost one-stop search solution that can be easily and quickly adopted and implemented. The project involves creating a single Web interface to search a database of selected social science and sociology journal titles that include full-text online availability information. This paper presents the design and creation of the social sciences journals database that can be searched to find a journal's full-text availability at the Rutgers University Libraries or on the Web. The database is accessible from

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JournalBehavioral and Social Sciences Librarian
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StatePublished - Aug 3 2004

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