Propellants and combustion

Yiguang Ju, Joanna Austin

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Aerospace organizations and companies are taking effective measures to develop advanced and uniquely featured propellants and combustion systems. The MURI is designed to enhance the advancement in combustion modeling of jet fuels through advances in chemical kinetic modeling and validation experiments. The work focuses on the use of mixtures of a small number of appropriate liquid hydrocarbons designed to simulate the behavior or real and alternative jet fuels that contain defined mixture of several individual hydrocarbons. The goal is to develop tools to enable improved combustor designs, and to take advantage of the changes in fuel composition being driven by the commercial and military alternative fuel programs. Other research programs being coordinated among government agencies and aviation companies support fundamental developments to meet both short and long term needs for incorporating alternative fuel resources into aviation applications.

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Specialist publicationAerospace America
StatePublished - Dec 1 2007

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