Rutgers Room Control Software

Jake Nelson (Inventor), Patrick Auletto (Inventor), Daniel Bello (Inventor), Wilson Contreras (Inventor), Dave Wyrtzen (Inventor), Daniel Scheiman (Inventor), James Kizhnerman (Inventor)

Research output: Innovation


Invention Summary: Created by the Rutgers’ Classroom Technology Service team, the Rutgers Room Control software provides faculty with state of the art technology for communicating information to a group. Rather than requiring specific technologies or restricting the types of tools presenters can use; the Room Control Software provides a wide variety of tools for use by a presenter. This gives presenters flexibility with respect to how they chose to deliver information to their audience. The Room Control Software operates on a standard computer and supports popular computer-based presentation software, high-definition film screening, digital video and the projection of camera-captured demonstrations. Whiteboard annotation software and over forty additional applications are available for use. The Room Control Software provides: A consistent user experience that enables presenters to learn one system versus multiple unique room setups The ability to use cutting-edge technologies to make an audience experience exhilarating and personal Market Applications: Educational institutions such as colleges, universities, K-12, etc. Conference facilities such as convention centers and hotels and/or suppliers of equipment for them Advantages: Supports a wide array of hardware and software Allows completely integrated use of audio, video and the projection of information displayed on a computer or captured by a camera Useful in any setting that provides room presentation capabilities; e.g., in meeting rooms, classrooms, theaters and similar spaces Intellectual Property & Development Status: Available through license or distribution agreement. Click here for licensing details
Original languageEnglish (US)
StatePublished - Jul 2017
Externally publishedYes

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    Nelson, J., Auletto, P., Bello, D., Contreras, W., Wyrtzen, D., Scheiman, D., & Kizhnerman, J. (2017). Rutgers Room Control Software.